The human element makes or breaks a show. We pride ourself on having a team of the best people in the industry, committed to delivering every show to the highest standards


Always striving to achieve the best standards, we invest in top-of-the-line products from world renowned manufacturers, so we have the best tools to deliver our services


Years of experience and constant research and development gives us the skills & knowledge to integrate all elements of a show production to deliver an event that exceeds expectations

We are The Production People

The Production People is a technical production company based in Singapore, providing event-related hardware and manpower for a wide range of events and clientele throughout Asia.

We work very closely with our clients to deliver exceptional events that strike a positive impression in the minds of each and every audience member. Our focus has always been on pleasing the client and exceeding their expectations. Our many loyal clients and positive comments are testament to our dedication and hard work.

Allow us to be a part of your event and you will then experience The Production People at its best!

Our Vision & Mission


To be the partner of choice in delivering cutting edge technical solutions for our client’s events


To integrate equipment, people and know-how to bring best in class outcomes for each and every job we deliver

We provide our best, always

- The Production People -

Meet Our Team

We pride ourselves on having a team of the best people in the industry,
committed to delivering every show to the highest standards.







    Yao Rong

    Suet Peng

Our Services


Sound – every event needs it. We use our equipment and experience to design and implement solutions to convey your message to the audience. From small speaker-on-sticks, to line arrays. A handful of mics, to full band setups, we are able to support a wide variety of events with pristine audio.


Lighting can transform a drab event into a spectacular visual feast. With our wide variety of instruments and techniques, we are able enhance your event visually. From simple illumination to extravagant lightshows, we have the expertise and gear to make it happen.


A Big, Bright image always excites audiences, and has the power to transmit all-important messages. From single monitors to large screens, we can provide a solution to fit any kind of venue, and content. We have solutions for video & data switching, signal routing, recording, projection & display technologies.

LED Display

Captivate Your Audience In A BIG WAY!

Enhance your event with bright, crisp images from our new High Resolution LED Displays. The Production People brings you our latest high quality display technology, now available for rental.
Call us to enquire how we can partner with you to impress your audience at your next event.

Trusses & Rigging

We can provide trusses for decorative or structural applications. For stage backdrops, exhibition booths and lighting rigs, our expertise in truss design and rigging guarantees safe and reliable structures for your event.

Show Production

Beyond the hardware elements of a production, there are many more details that are involved in putting a whole production together. Working with venues, authorities and vendors, we handle all necessary paperwork and licensing and co-ordination to ensure a smooth execution. At the end of the day, it just makes for a more stress-free and pleasant experience for you and an unforgettable and enjoyable event for everyone!

The Production People is a premium technical production company based in Singapore, providing Our Best, Always.

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